Fortnite On Fridays!

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This Week’s Tournament is Arena Duos! Each Team leader will report Scores through Twitch Chat.

Step 1. Register on this page, by buying your play pass. AND tell your friends.

Step 2. Fridays at 6pm, tune in to on your phone/laptop/tablet/device for ALL instructions for gameplay. (Custom Matchmaking Code given via stream)

Step 3. Rack up Eliminations and placement points to win! (See Point Structure Below)

Gameplay: Each participant will be given a custom matchmaking code, via livestream.  Once you have been eliminated, submit your number of eliminations and your placement through discord or twitch chat.


Victory Royale: 8pts

Top 3: 6pts

Top 5: 4pts

Top 10: 2pts

Top 15: 1 pt

+Each Elimination is worth 1 pts.


1st place gets 50%, 2nd place gets 35%, 3rd gets 15%.



No Fighting until the 1st circle has closed. (Watch the stream, we will announce when you can fight.)

No streamsniping.

No teaming.

No toxic attitudes.

Dancing IS allowed.

No Mythic weapons allowed. This includes Midas’ drumgun, Skye’s Assault Rifle and Grappler, Brutus’ Minigun or the Epic rarity of the Minigun, Meowscle’s Heavy Assault Rifle, Tntina’s Boom Bow, and Deadpool’s Hand Cannons.

If a player breaks a rule they will receive 0 points for that round.


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